Deep Plane Facelift Animation

Understanding the anatomy of a deep plane facelift often helps patients understand the power of a deep plane facelift

Deep plane facelift: Get natural and lasting results with this unique approach to surgical facial rejuvenation

Dr Adam Honeybrook is uniquely qualified to reveal the distinctive and timeless elegance and beauty of our patients from across Queensland and New South Wales. In fact, Dr Honeybrook is the only surgeon in Australia to be triple-board certified in head and neck surgery, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic surgery by respective certifying bodies in the United States.

He has trained stateside at the world’s leading institutions and alongside pioneers in advanced surgical facial rejuvenation techniques; notably, Drs Andrew Jacono and Kevin Duplechain equipped Dr Honeybrook with the expertise to offer the deep plane facelift from his Brisbane and Sydney area offices. He is among the select few practitioners in the country qualified to perform this revolutionary facelift method.

Reset the clock on ageing

The effects of gravity, environmental damage (sun exposure), and the loss of facial fat, collagen, elastin, and structural support can lead to undesirable changes to the face. Expression lines, wrinkles, folds, saggy skin, jowls, and changes to facial shape and contours can make us look older than our chronological years. These highly visible effects can dramatically and negatively impact our mental and emotional health and well-being.

Fortunately, Dr Honeybrook can restore your confidence and sense of self by restoring a natural, youthful, rejuvenated, and refreshed appearance with a deep plane facelift. Unlike other facelift methods that focus on the skin and superficial tissues, the deep plane approach elevates and lifts both skin and attached, deeper muscle layers. In doing so, the underlying structural elements contributing to an “aged” face are addressed.

We get more natural and longer-lasting results by repositioning the deeper, fibrous layers that lack elasticity. Dr Honeybrook’s approach minimises the risk of an overly tight or “windswept” appearance while minimising a heavy jawline that lacks youthful definition. You don’t look “different.” You look like yourself, only more refreshed, healthy, and vibrant. These attractive results can be sustained for 10 to 15 years, which makes it a durable investment.

Additionally, the deep plane facelift is:

  • Appropriate for many different types of patients – any gender and aged 30 to 70
  • Versatile – can both restore natural volume and lift in the “mid-face” (cheeks) whilst removing excess skin and softening folds and wrinkles
  • Associated with high patient satisfaction – the incisions are nearly imperceptible at 3 months and do not separate or migrate with time
  • Able to be safely combined with an array of other rejuvenating procedures, including a brow lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, upper lip lift, facial fat grafting, and facial resurfacing (chemical peels or laser)

Boost your self-confidence with our highly durable and natural-looking approach to the with a deep plane facelift. To learn more about the deep plane procedure and other surgical and nonsurgical options available at the offices of Dr Honeybrook, we encourage you to contact one of our two, NSW or QLD offices. To reach our Sydney area office in Double Bay, phone 02 9000 1079. The Brisbane team in Fortitude Valley can be reached at 07 3485 0596.